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I started painting in 2005, primarily abstract paintings on large pieces of canvas with an inexplicable preference for the size 50x150cm. More recently, however, I've been working under the motto 'the bigger the better'.

There are two ways in which my work can be considered as 'experimental': on the one hand I'm still searching for the limits of the material I work with (so far mainly acryl, oil and pastel), and I'm freely experimenting with colors and shapes. On the other hand I try not to tie myself down to one specific method or technique. My point of departure is that every work has its own uniqueness (or 'authenticity') and its own development. In this way I want to oppose to the kind of philosophy according to which a finished painting is nothing more than the perfect imprint of an idea of its maker.  

Instead I try to work more intuitively, from a multitude of impressions, looking from moment to moment at what happens on canvas and how this can be further elaborated.